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Here we come together to work on an energetic level, and thrive in uttermost integrity with our true authentic self.
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01. Reset Energetics
lies our energetic system,
experience originates…

When we learn to unblock it and enhance it, we can hack issues from the core, and redirect our life towards higher meaning and purpose…

To be in perfect health, it’s necessary to maintain a balance between all the subtle bodies and to become aware that these subtle bodies are linked by the ever-changing movement of electromagnetic forces.  

Anything in our existence has its own frequency and emits a radiation of light, temperature, and color. These vibrations interact with each other and are ruled by laws, universal and energetic. By making good use of these laws, we can restore order.

02. About

JOANNA HOUSE is a natural-born empath and has a gift to manage, decode and speed process subtle energy. She has had Apache, Mayan, Huichol, and Aztec teachers, learned from the Amazon culture and as well extensively from the Tibetan Karma Kagyu Lineage. 

Reiki Master from the Usui System of Natural Healing, Theta healer from the Thetha Healing™ Institute of Knowledge, Crystal healer from the School of Natrual Health Science, Bach Flower Practitioner from the Bach™ International Education Program, Akashic record reader from theAkashic Record Comuinity™, Womb Worker from the Womben Wellness Institute. She’s trained on The Energy Codes™, Energetic Flow Formula™, Quantum Powers™, Prana Vinyasa™ of the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, and Zhi Neng Qi Gong of Dr.Pang.
Joanna was born and raised in Mexico, and has been based in different countries. Her family comes from various parts of the world which gave her a wide vision, being able to approach different cultures with which she has close ties.

03. Bookings
(01) Personal Ceremony

On a Reset Energetics Ceremony, through a combination of healing techniques, the energy field is opnened, unblocked, recircuited, realigned, and then elevated into a higher vibrational frequency. 
When our energy field is in coherence and flow, our whole life is in flow, and therefore the unlimited possibilities that our truest self carries are properly activated.
Throughout this process, subtle useful information is channelled and facilitated, a full reading on the stattus of your energy system takes place as well as an intuitive process of guidance. You’ll also recieve recomendations on how to keep your energy in balance after the session.

The benefits of a personal ceremony include:

  • Experiencing yourself beyond the apparent limits of the body.
  • Reconecting with your truest self and essence.
  • Enhancing your self empowerment.
  • Increasing your state of overall well being.
  • Cultivating the selfhealer within.
  • Bringing your energetic body back into balance.
  • Re-accesing your natural state of mind.
  • Acknologing your spirit self.

A personal ceremony is $149, it is held remotely on zoom, the duration might vary from 30 to 45 minutes. Click on the book now button to get in touch and we will get back to you with abvailabe dates, further orientation, and a link to make your payment.

It is very personal and much better experienced than explained.

Can’t wait to connect with you and rise!

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(02) reset energetics collective

When we come together with a commitment to a common intention we create a collective field for healing that is enhanced an empowered by the energy of many.  In this way, we create synergy as a factor of further power of transformation. 
The benefits of a collective ceremony include:

  • Connecting with a group of like minded, like vibing people.
  • Experiencing yourself beyond the apparent limits of the body.
  • Reconecting with your truest self and essence.
  • Enhancing your self empowerment.
  • Increasing your state of overall well being.
  • Streangtheing your energetic body.
  • Acknologing your spirit self.
  • Cultivating the selfhealer within.
  • Remembering your natural state of mind.

A gathering of many to work on an energetic level can be regarded as a “cosmic date”. The group is never formed at random, and people with similar energetic patterns join in, therefore the session is enhanced with the the intention and actualization of many.

The next Reset Energetics Collective
Session is on:

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(03) Courses

If you want to take your further develpoment in your own hands, learn about our energetic body and fields, and unlock your innate power to be a selfhealer, This program is for you.

In this course you will recieve empowering information, maps and practices to regain soveranigty over your own energetic field and eventually facilitate energetic healing for others.

Sign up bellow to get the heads up for upcoming Reset Energetics Courses.

Find a new and empowering approach to life!

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04. Testimonials
I feel so much more gentle and peaceful and less self-critical. And noticed that people around me respond differently too! It’s like cleaning the pathway for the deeper light within me to shine and to allow the Divine through with more ease, surrender, and joy!!
Jo Manuel
It gave me a lot of very good information on topics to work on, and also helped me to remove energetic stagnation, both mental and physical. For me, it was a cuddle to the soul with a touch of Woow!
Wendy Millan
A sense of greater value and self-respect was established in me. And the courage to give voice to what I see stand for and believe today. Thank you, for being a channel of re-connection and liberation!!!! Highly recommend it!
Ana Vieyra
The most interesting thing is how the session I had with her unlocked not only my emotions but my life situations, from that day on I
regained the physical and emotional strength that was so stagnant.
Mercedes Bay
Shakti boost and chakra alignment. It gave me an energyrecharge. I had some writer´s block and when I got home I felt inspired. I found the creativity and clarity I needed. I highly recommend it!
Patty Bueno
She is great, capable of transforming things from hersubtle, precise, and loving gaze. Recommended by all means!
Marco Magdaleno
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